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DUBÉ - Quality in every tonne !

Rejuvenate the image

It is in more sober and classic shades, which evoke mineral materials, that we have rejuvenated the image of the company. The pictogram, representing the raising of a dike, incorporates our main values: health and safety, which is the basis of our actions; the workforce, which is at the heart of our decisions; the client, who relies on a business partner and a team in solution mode. Finally, everything is encompassed and underlined by the quality of our work, which defines Dubé's reputation.

The typography, taken from our old image, recalls our origins.

Our many divisions such as excavation, crushing, drilling-blasting, as well as transportation make us a complete team that can work on several mining, civil and commercial sites. 

Our featured jobs

Dubé est toujours en quête de nouveaux talents. Nous reconnaissons l'effort et l'implication de nos employés et nous assurons de valoriser le potentiel de chacun.

Quality work in all areas

For 30 years, Dubé has offered excavation, crushing, drilling & blasting, as well as transportation services in the mining, industrial and commercial fields. Our company has implemented personalized solutions that adapt to the specific requirements of each of our customers for all types of work.

Rigor, requirement and quality are the foundations of the company, and have been for 30 years. For your projects, Dubé is what you need!

Dany Dubé, Founding President


The company makes every effort to carry out all the work in all sectors combined. Dubé's team focuses on health and safety standards, also respecting the environment and uses optimal and innovative methods on construction sites.

The refinement of its protocols, in constant evolution, promotes the implementation of new projects and propels an image characterized by the results of the work they generate.

At Dubé, our skills for mining work are recognized.

Our domains of expertise

You don't just have to be competitive; you have to stand out, be dedicated, find a way to optimize the project.

nikan and asiniwan

Dubé was founded by Dany Dubé, who is himself a native of Wahgoshig, Ontario. In order to contribute to the hiring of labor and community development, he started 2 other companies; one connected to the community of Wahgoshig - Asiniwan Construction as well as one connected to the community of Pikogan in Amos - Nikan Construction. NIKAN Construction and ASINIWAN Construction want to open the way for young people from the communities to obtain quality employment in the construction and mining industry.