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Frequently asked questions

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How to be part of our team?

Do you want to join our team? Here's the best way to do it: View available jobs and apply directly in our careers section.

Do you have questions about the position? Indicate them in comments when sending your application. This will allow us to carefully analyze your CV and be aware of the questions you have.

For the sake of efficiency, we will only contact those selected. We will keep your application for a certain time, however, do not hesitate to send it again for the same position or any other position.

No posted position interests you, but you want to let us know your interest? Apply for a “Spontaneous applications” position!

How to stay updated on available positions?

Follow our Facebook and LinkedIn page, this is where we post all the new positions that appear on our website.

Does Dubé offer benefits?

Certainly, Dubé offers several social benefits such as:

  • Group insurance - including life, disability, drug, dental and vision insurance.
  • Daily allowances - reimbursement of pension or mileage costs. *Some contracts only.
  • The RRSP - Registered retirement savings plan with employee contribution.
  • An EAP – employee assistance program.
  • Social and sporting activities - a Christmas evening as well as a summer barbecue, among others.
  • Promotional items in company colors.

Where are we located?

Our offices and workshop are located in Rouyn-Noranda, in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region of Quebec. We have various projects in Abitibi-Témiscamingue as well as in northern Ontario.

What kind of schedules are offered?

Each construction site is different! Flexibility is sometimes required when joining Dubé. Some positions follow the same schedules over the long term, others change depending on the contracts.

We can find different types of schedules rotating 14/14 or 7/7, some are daytime only, some are rotating day/night, and some are nighttime only. We also have more conventional schedules such as 4/3 or 5/2.

Are there advancement opportunities?

Absolutely ! We have experienced strong growth in recent years and we are continually working to identify our future leaders. At Dubé, once you've shown "what's in you", the possibilities become endless. Do you demonstrate leadership, are you proactive, invested and passionate? You are in the right place to progress in the company.